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Special Event

Ram Fighting Dexterity


Ram Fighting dexterity is an people game accompanied by Kendang Pencak traditional arts for making atmosphere more lively. Ram Fighting dexterity has esthetical value at the rams take preparations and their heads collide each other. Beside that fighting ram have strong, beautiful, energetic bodies and nice movement while fighting.

This event is usually performed in June, August and December in three places that is : Ngamplang, Cangkuang and Ranca Bango.
Cangkuang Water Feast

This event is a routine in the framework of commemorating Indonesia 's independent day. The activity appeared is the race of rowing rafts, the race of catching ducks, etc accompanied by traditional arts of calung and pencak silat, usually held in August.


Ngalungsur Ceremony


Ngalungsur is a process of ritual ceremony where the inheritance heirlooms of Sunan Rohmat (Sunan Godog) every once a year cleaned or washed with flowers water and rubbed with perfume in or not to rusty. It is usually held on every the twelfth of Maulud month. Beside that there is performance of Garut specific arts.


Begendit Festival


Bagendit festival is a people feast held year. Several kinds of arts are presented, both traditional arts like lais, debus, hadro, etc and modern arts. Besides that water sports is also shown or raced.


"Helaran" Tradisional Art Festival


Helaran arts performance is a show from of several kinds of traditional arts which ever existed and developed in Garut either still intact, original or having been developed and then visualized by walking in procession in the street. Helaran is held every March in coincidence with the anniversary of Garut city.

"Seba" Ceremony

Seba ceremony is a devotion to someone occupying high position accompanied with delivery of something good. As for that delivery it is directed to ancestral souls that is Prabu Siliwangi and Keyan Santang because the two figures had high knowledge's supranatural powers, so their heirlooms have hidden and magic powers.

Shoutern Marine Feast

This event is a people ceremonial feast and arts performance usually held at Santolo beach (Pameungpeuk).

Mojang Jajaka Festival

This event is a creativity arena of young generations who have love of art and high worth of traditional culture and are able to appeared as tourism enjoys of Garut Regency. Mojang Jajaka contest is usually held in July.

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