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Traditional Arts

Surak Ibra

The other name of Surak Ibra is Boboyongan, founded in 1910 at Sindang Sari compound, Cinunuk village, Wanaraja sub-district, Garut Regency. This arts was created by Rd. Djayadiwangda, the son of Raden Wangsa Muhammad (known as Pangeran Papak). This arts constitute allusion towards Dutch government who arbitrarily toward native society.


Lais arts was taken from someone's name who was very skilled in climbing up coconut trees name "Laisan" daily called Mr. Lais. Lais has been recognized since Dutch colonization era, its place is at Nangka Pait, Sukawening sub-district, Garut Regency. The attraction shown is firstly the player climbs up bamboo then moves to length of rope while dancing and turning in the sky without wearing safety belt accompanied by music of dog-dog, drum, kempul and trumpet.


Hadro is the arts from Bojong area, Bungbulang sub-district, founded in 1917. This arts was brought by KH. Ahmad Suyuti from Singuru compound, Samarang sub-district. Hadro arts constitute combination of religious songs (invocation) accompanied by movements of Silat self defense. This arts is also Islam's magnificence and for learning self defense to fight the colonial. The costumes being worn are pangsi, head coverings and red shawls. The instruments used are: large drum, komeng trumpet and dog-dog (small drum).

Dodombaan (Ram Fighting Dexterity Art)
  This is a people game accompanied by Kendang Pencak and specific dances traditional arts for making atmosphere more lively. Ram Fighting Dexterity has esthetical value at the time the rams take preparations and their heads collide each other. Besides that fighting ram have strong, beautiful, energetic bodies and nice movement while fighting.

Bangklung is combination op two traditional arts that is terbang and angklung badud. This arts was the result of Rukasah's initiative in 1986 at Cisero, Cisurupan sub-district, Garut Regency. The number of the players is 27 people, each take percussion instrument, angklung, vocals, trumpets, keprak and a clown. The songs presented are Sundanese songs and invocation.

Pencak Ular (Snake Dance)

It is traditional arts from Samarang sub-district. Pencak Ular is not different from existing Pencak Silat, but besides demonstrating the styles of silat, the silat players brings poisonous snakes in their attractions. Other specialty is that the players can tame the snakes even invulnerable towards their bite.


It is a traditional arts deriving from Pameungpeuk. This arts was created by an Islam spreader recognized with the name of Ajengan (religious teacher). The purpose was to attrack people in the framework of spreading out religion using music of areca nut trunk and goat's leather. Beside to practice art of music, debus player are also taught sciences of physical and spiritual proficiencies as well as science of invulnerability toward either sharp thing or strikes.


Gesrek is found at Kamongan compound, Pakenjeng village, Pamulihan sub-district, Garut Regency. This traditional art is also called arts of self banishment. The attraction shown by the players is playing chopping river, then stabbed to their stomacher and arms while demonstrating silat martial art, their tongues are sliced with out any wounds. Besides that the player is struck by a trunk of bamboo and rolling or walking on the fire.

The gesrek players consist of 10 people chopping knife holder, supported by 4-5 people functioning to provide instruments and guarding if there is someone else's disturbance.


Cigawiran traditional arts is included the group of branch of Karawitan Sekar arts, not arts for show. This traditional arts is nearly the same as those of Beluk, Cianjuran, Sumedangan and Kawih.


Badeng is kind of traditional arts from Sanding village, Malangbong sub-district. This arts was created by an Islam spreader named Arafaen or more well known with the call of Lurah Acok. Badeng is kind of arts as a media for spreading out Islam religion by means of singing ancient Sunda and invocation. Badeng it self means deliberation or negotiation, the tools consist of little and big angklungs and dogdog lonjor.

The Others

Garut Regency has the other atractive traditional arts such as: Pantun Beton from Pameungpeuk, Janjani, Gondang, Mapacat, Rampak Kohkol, Oyong, Nangkolong, Manasikan, Karimbing, etc.

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